About the Police Department

Introduction to the Kingsland Police Department

As the City of Kingsland has grown in area size and population, the need for expanded state of the art Law Enforcement services has grown proportionately.

Service Area

The Police Department provides Law Enforcement service to an area measuring over 44 square miles and serves a growing population of over 16,000 full time residents plus large numbers of employed non-residents and visitors to the City of Kingsland.


In order to provide progressive service, the Police Department employs 42 people. Of those 40 are sworn law enforcement professionals making up the patrol, investigative and administrative divisions of the department. The Department also employs 2 non-sworn members who make up the clerical staff.


The shared vision of the members of the Kingsland Police Department is to make the City of Kingsland one of the safest places in the nation to live, work, and vacation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kingsland Police Department, empowered by the community, the government and the organizations; is to provide competent and courteous service to all citizens and to all visitors of the community in their homes and places of business ensuring them of an environment in which they can enjoy a high quality of life characterized by both physical safety and personal freedom.


In support of our mission, members of the Kingsland Police Department are committed to upholding the following values:

  • We value upholding the laws in an ethical, impartial, courteous and professional manner while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.
  • We will be compassionate and provide assistance to victims and those in need.
  • We value promoting a sense of trust and respect for all people, including those in our agency.
  • We value that the police and the community share in the responsibility for crime control and public safety and that the role of the police is defined by the community that it serves.
  • We value and encourage problem solving, creative risk taking, initiative, and affecting change.
  • We will recognize and reward those who contribute to the development of more effective ways of providing police services, and those who apply creative solutions to problems.
  • We recognize that growth and learning are positive consequences of honest mistakes.
  • We value the reduction and prevention of crime through community partnerships, and problem solving.
  • We value the team concept. Successful completion of the task is more important than who gets credit for the work.
  • We value and believe in high professional standards of integrity, ethics and behavior, guided by the letter, and spirit of the law, and the law enforcement code of ethics.
  • We will act appropriately, responsibly, and require the same of others.

Kingsland Police Department Policy

It is the policy of the Kingsland Police Department to patrol in a proactive manner, to aggressively investigate suspicious persons and circumstances, and to actively enforce the motor vehicle laws, while insisting that citizens will only be stopped or detained when there exists reasonable suspicion to believe they have committed, are committing, or about to commit, an infraction of law.

Police Department badge