Community Development Block Grant

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
The City of Kingsland submitted an application on Friday, April 1, 2011 to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) for $300,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.  The application was prepared by Camden Community Alliance and Resources through our partnership with the Camden County Public Service Authority (CCPSA), and with our non-profit partners, Miracle League of Camden County, and the Paige Thomson Foundation (Paige’s Helping Hands).   The CDBG application seeks funding to construct a baseball field at Lions Park in Kingsland for disabled children, in addition to providing playground equipment for disabled children at Peeples Park in Kingsland.   The grant application does not require a cash match by the City of Kingsland.
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As part of the citizen participation requirements required by the Housing and Community Development Act and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the City of Kingsland is required to provide for and encourage participation in the planning, implementation, and assessment of our CDBG program.  The City is required to ensure that a copy of the application as it was submitted to DCA be available for public review.  In addition, the public must be notified of its availability of the application in order to meet the goals for public participation,

In order to achieve the goal of participation and notification, the CDBG application as it was submitted to DCA is now available on-line for public review.  You will need to go to E-Services tab on the left hand side of the home page of the city’s website ( and then click onto the second tab on right labeled Document Center.  Once you get to the document center tab, click onto the folder labeled Public Input.   The CDBG application is located in the Public Input folder or click the City logo below and then public input. The posting of the CDBG application online is notification that the information is now available for review. 

In addition, please note that a color version of the application is also available for public review and inspection at Kingsland City Hall.   If you wish to review the color version of the application, please contact Quentin T. McPhatter, Deputy City Manager or Darren Harper, Economic Development Director at 912-729-5613.
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