Oprah's Lovetown USA

Welcome to 'Lovetown, USA' home of Oprah Winfrey’s reality TV show!  Kingsland is located off of Interstate 95 at Exit 3, stop in and feel the 'LOVE' of our community!
The 'Lovetown, USA’, television series was filmed by BBC Worldwide and televised on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in 2012 and is currently showing internationally.   What an experience sharing our community with the viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Network and the world!  It was amazing seeing glimpses of the wonderful things that happened in the community and being reminded of the beautiful place we live.  
‘Lovetown, USA‘ began as a nationwide search of small communities around 15,000 who competed to be selected as Oprah’s Lovetown, USA.  Competition was fierce and our small group of 11 people began the quest to become Oprah Winfrey’s Lovetown, USA.  Oprah challenged us to show ‘love’ in our community!  
Our small group grew to over 300 area volunteers and community members working to show the love in Camden County.  From Town Hall meetings to Singles Socials, the group worked to meet each goal set by BBC Worldwide and OWN to remain in the competition each week.  After three months, Oprah Winfrey announced to the nation that Kingsland Georgia was selected as Lovetown, USA!  
Armed with great ideas for events and for each of the eight episodes to be filmed, the BBC Producers came to our corner of Southeast Georgia.  The communities of Camden County stepped up full force to show off their communities to the world!  Each episode featured singles trying to find love and community projects expressing love.  
Some of the great projects that happened because Oprah came to visit were:
The renewal of wedding vows of happily married couples at Heritage Garden Weddings & Chapel, the Lovetown Ball held at Laurel Island Links Golf Course, the building of a basketball court at the St Marys Methodist Boys Home complete with a visit from the Harlem Globe Trotters, the creation of the ‘Seeds of Love’ community garden that supports those in need of a meal from Missions for Camden, the Annual Mardi Gras Parade embarrassed the event as the Love Parade, Sarah Evans came to town during the Arts & Crafts Festival held in Historic Downtown Kingsland and individuals in need received assistance.  
Oprah made a few visits to the area during the filming of Lovetown, USA. Oprah made her first appearance to the area by way of the United States Coast Guard as they traveled over the St Marys River, filmed her tribute to longtime friend Whitney Houston at the Historic Kingsland Depot which served as Lovetown, USA Headquarters during the filming and attended the final episode ‘Love Ball’ held at Laurel Island Links Golf Course.   

Hundreds of hours of film never made it to the television screen, but hundreds of memories stay in our hearts from the Lovetown, USA experience.  The community grew closer, joined together for projects for the greater good and made us all appreciate each other a little more. 
The love that was in our community before Lovetown continues, the love that was expressed to the nation continues and we had the honor of being Oprah’s first Lovetown, USA! 

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Oprah selects Kingsland as Lovetown, USA