Mayor Kenneth E. Smith


Mayor Kenneth E. Smith, Sr. is a native of Kingsland, Georgia.  He served sixteen years as Councilman for the City of Kingsland and was first sworn into office as the Mayor in January 2002.

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Duties & Priorities
Mayor Smith has prioritized the interests of Kingsland residents, families and businesses.  He has made himself accessible to all of his constituents and works diligently as an ambassador for Kingsland and ultimately its well being. In 2008, Mayor Smith served as President of the Georgia Municipal Association.  Currently he serves on the Georgia Municipal Association Board of Directors, the Legislative Committee, the Budget Committee and the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Municipal Employee Benefit System and Worker’s Compensation Self-Insurance Fund.


Prior service includes the Georgia Municipal Association’s Revenue and Finance Committee, District 12 President, Dues and Revenue Study Subcommittee, Municipal Operations Committee; and, the Resolutions Committee.  Mayor Smith has earned four certificates of achievement and excellence upon completing hours of municipal training at the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute for elected officials.

He also serves as vice chairman of the PSA (Public Service Authority), of Camden County, a member of the Elks Lodge of Camden County, and serves as an executive board member of the Coastal Regional Transportation Roundtable.

The Mayor participated in the oversight of the recent installation of a state-of-the-art $13 million dollar wastewater treatment facility.  This facility doubled our wastewater capacity yet is very cost efficient.  It is beautifully landscaped and returns clean water back to the St Marys River.

Personal Life
Mayor Smith is a lifelong member of the First African Missionary Baptist Church in Kingsland, and actively serves as a board officer for the church.  He also serves as Vice President for the Zion Sunday School and Baptist Training Union Congress.

In 1965, he graduated from Ralph Johnson Bunche High School.  After graduation, he went on to serve in the U.S. Navy, where he completed three tours in Vietnam.  He and his wife, Peggy, have three sons, Kenneth Jr., Kevin, and Kimyatta and are also blessed with five grandchildren.