Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Kingsland Police Department is under the command of Assistant Chief Wayne Peeples. The Patrol Division is the largest division in the department. Uniformed personnel are assigned to four geographically proportioned zones and make up the largest percentage of this division. These officers are primarily responsible for responding to all 911 calls for service within the City of Kingsland.

The Patrol Division also provides police services to all residents of our city as well as maintaining a proactive patrol to deter criminal activity and to enforce the state traffic laws and city ordnances.

The division serves approximately over 16,000 citizens and handles approximately 100,000 calls for service. Officers work twelve hour

shifts averaging about 14 days a month on duty. These shifts rotate between day's and night's every two months. Officers rotate together as a squad along with their sergeant.

The Division is broken down into two teams which are under the direction of Lt. William (Bill) Lee; each team is further broken down into two squads (four total), which are made up of a sergeant and five officers.

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