Downtown Development Program

Crepe Myrtle on Lee StreetFollow the red-brick sidewalks to charming shops and unique dining. Take a moment of reflection in remembrance at Kingsland Veterans Memorial Park or visit one of the downtown events held throughout the year.  

Visitors can explore a circa 1894 town and its past by basking in the charm of the red-brick paved sidewalks while enjoying the many unique dining and boutique shopping opportunities in the town proper. With the renovation of the historic Train Depot and construction of Kingsland Veterans Memorial Park, the little city is right on track for the future! 

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Downtown Facade Grant Program

The Kingsland Downtown Development Authority (KDDA) established a grant program to encourage meaningful exterior improvements to properties and promote economic development in the KDDA district. This reimbursement grant is intended to preserve and restore historic properties and details and encourage projects which are compatible with Downtown’s historic character.

For program guidelines and criteria, download the Downtown Façade Grant Program brochure <HERE>


Criteria for Facade Grant Approval
Requests for grants will be reviewed, and approved or denied, based on the funds available and in the order in which they are received. Applications will be reviewed with the following considerations:

  • Historic or architectural significance of the building.
  • Potential impact of the project on the Downtown streetscape in general and on the building in particular.
  • Location of the building-visually prominent areas and economically blighted areas will be stressed.
  • Overall cost of the project.
  • Quality of the proposal and adherence to procedure.
  • Need of applicant and willingness to implement entire rehabilitation design.
  • Availability of funds.



Downtown Façade Grant Program

Downtown Façade Grant Application

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