Economic Development

  • Planning and coordination of economic development projects.
  • Provide support services for entrepreneurial and small business operations.
  • Planning and coordination of redevelopment projects.
  • Coordination of economic development incentive zones and programs.
  • Assist the DDA in planning and coordination of downtown development projects.
  • Planning and coordination of community economic development grant projects.
  • Provide staff support for the Kingsland Development Authority and their associated projects and programs.
News & Announcements
Summer Industries, the country’s largest independent manufacturer of spiral wound tubes, cores, and canisters made from 100% recycled paperboard broke ground for their new Kingsland Plant on October 30, 2013.  See full press release here.  Construction on the site has been steadily moving forward. The site has been cleared and the most recent work has been focused on pouring the foundation and the arrival of the steel building parts.
Progress Photos - Taken on January 6, 2014
The new plant for Summer Industries continues to take shape from concept, to groundbreaking, to installation of the building frame; things are beginning to take shape.
Just another sign that opportunities and solutions abound in Kingsland and Camden County.
Are you and your business ready for any disasters that may come your way?  If not, Georgia has an excellent resource to help you be prepared.
Visit this website for more information:

Tax Allocation Districts
The City of Kingsland recently received legislative authority to establish Community Improvement Districts (CID) within its jurisdictional boundaries. In accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Section 36-44, the City of Kingsland, through a local voter referendum, was authorized to have full exercise of Redevelopment Powers. Redevelopment Powers allows the City of Kingsland to use redevelopment as a way of reclaiming and using sites that have been hindered from development for quality economic development and job growth.

Within Redevelopment Powers, the City can create what are known as Tax Allocation Districts (more commonly referred to as TAD’s). Within a TAD, the local government/developer can use the incremental growth in the tax base to satisfy the debt repayment of Tax Allocation Bonds for eligible project expenses.

In late 2012 and early 2013, the City of Kingsland approved the creation of the first Tax Allocation District known as the City of Kingsland Tax Allocation District #1 – Exit 3 Commercial and Entertainment District. For more information on this Tax Allocation District, please consult TAD redevelopment plan here

Community Improvement Districts
In accordance with the Constitution of Georgia: Article 9; Section 7, a local city or county may establish one or more Community Improvement Districts (more commonly referred to as CID) within its corporate limits. The local government body must approve CID plans, and the tax rate proposed within the CID. Property owners within a community improvement district may choose to tax themselves at a higher rate than property owners outside of the CID. Any additional tax revenue collected within the CID, over and above the normal tax revenue collected throughout the City, can be used to repay eligible project expenses for projects developing within the CID. The official legislation for this program will be provided soon.

City Of Kingsland Tax Allocation District #1
Exit 3 Commercial and Entertainment District (Also known as Kingsland Adventure Park)
A group of developers have proposed a very unique project in the City of Kingsland which will have local, regional, and state impacts. The Kingsland Adventure Park, as it is currently known, will create an adventure and entertainment theme park including a water park, go-cart track, mini-golf, zip line and ropes course, along with a hotel and convention center, outdoor amphitheater, restaurants, a theatre and much more. The project is estimated to cost approximately $300 million and create approximately 1,200 jobs in the area. For more information on the park, review the redevelopment plan for this project here.