Criminal Investigations Division


When a Patrol Officer takes a criminal incident report that needs further investigation, or if a case needs a trained investigator to pursue difficult or complex issues, detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division are generally the ones who are assigned.

The Investigators in this division are experienced law enforcement officers who have worked a number of years in patrol, and many of them have been specially trained in criminal investigations of various sorts.

One Investigator is on call at all times and does respond to a crime scene, if necessary, at all hours of the day and night.

The most common crimes assigned to this division include crimes against persons, such as aggravated battery, robbery, harassing phone calls; crimes against property, including burglary and theft cases; and financial and computer crimes, including credit card fraud, forgery, embezzlement, sex crimes and internet fraud cases.

Investigators also conduct warrant sweeps, perform surveillance on known violators, and work special details in areas that are experiencing a particular crime problem. If you have any tips, leads, or information to any cases/ crimes please contact investigations at the Kingsland Police department (912)729-8254, if it is an emergency please call 911 first. 

Investigations Commander

Lieutenant S. Rafferty

Lieutenant S. Rafferty

Lieutenant Rafferty oversees all Investigations, Office of Professional Standards, Internal Affairs, Recruiting and Hiring.

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Investigator Sergeant H. Riley

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Investigator Sergeant C. Quinn

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Investigator I. Sanchez

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Investigator Sergeant S. King

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