Internal Affairs

It is the policy of the Kingsland Police Department to investigate all complaints filed against the department and employees of the department in a manner that will assure those individuals making the complaint and the general public of the professional interest of the department in the resolution of all complaints and of making corrective actions as may be required.

When a report is completed with a disposition of sustained indicating that the officer or employee has violated a departmental or city policy or rule by means of a preponderance of evidence, a copy of the administrative report will be filed in the officer’s or employee’s disciplinary document file upon completion of the grievance or appeal process.

The disposition of not sustained indicates the allegation was false, that insufficient evidence exists to prove or disprove the allegation, that the officer or employee’s actions were lawful and proper, or that the allegation was nonfactual.

Those internal affairs administrative reports, which indicate a disposition of not sustained, will be filed in the Internal Affairs Investigations file maintained by the Office of Professional Standards, and the officer or employee will receive written notification of the disposition.