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Is to create the first line of defense for a high risk/ stress situation in order to increase the safety and security of our citizens.

Active shooter response


The Kingsland Police Shield Team is committed to making our public-private sectors the most resilient and safest in the United States. As a police department we pride ourselves with providing first-class police services to all of our critical infrastructures. In our continued commitment to make Kingsland safer, we have created the Kingsland Police Shield Team.

The Kingsland Police Shield Team uses a partnership-based method to counter terrorism, homegrown violent extremists, active shooter events, bomb threats, and local crime. Shield is designed to engage the public-private sectors on national and local security issues by delivering services and establishing information-sharing across all sectors. The combination of overall awareness and police visibility, coupled with several avenues of reliable communication, is a formula that the Kingsland Police Department has employed in the past with great success in the deterrence of crime.

Kingsland Shield Team takes pride in being the first Shield team in the state of Georgia and the first in the south Eastern Region North of Florida. We will continue to spearhead movements in the state to increase the information we receive, the safety and security we provide to our citizens and the overall protection of our community. 


Increase your awareness of suspicious activity and crime trends through a partnership and information sharing process. Kingsland Shield Team keeps it's partners informed of relevant local and global incidents, new intelligence, upcoming events, and crime information developing in the city of Kingsland and its nearby cities/ counties.

- Information is researched and transmitted directly by:

  • Presentations and briefings

  • E-mail alert messages

  • News bulletins

  • Shield conferences

  • Law Enforcement Shield Certification Courses