Products/ Packages we offer

Products/ Packages we offer

Facility Threat Assessment:

The Facility Threat Assessment, also known as a security survey, is being conducted as a public service by the Kingsland PD Shield Detail. It is intended to assist facilities in improving the overall level of security of the business. Your dedicated Shield Liaison Officer will conduct a thorough walkthrough of the business and provide a written report of recommendations.

Open Source Assessment

Shield offers Open Source Assessments (OSA’s) that relate to current real life critical incidents. These assessments are disseminated to our shield partners to keep them informed and ready on any potential threats affecting the public-private sector. OSA’s are created through open source vetted information which are usually three pages or less.

Local Alerts

Shield offers Local Alerts to keep partners aware on local crimes or trending threats affecting specific NET Areas or Critical Infrastructures. They are created as a force multiplier to prevent these types of events from occurring.