Planning & Zoning

ResponsibilitiesRed brick walkways in Historic Downtown Kingsland Georgia

  • Planning, building, and licensing information
  • Administration
  • Enforcement planning
  • Zoning and subdivision code administration and enforcement
  • Alcohol license administration
  • GIS
  • Code enforcement
  • Street naming and addressing
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map information
  • City Cemetery Plots

Click Here or Permits

The City of Kingsland Application For Building Permit

The City of Kingsland Vacancy Inspection Application

The City of Kingsland Application For Occupational Tax Certificate

 The City of Kingsland Code of Ordinances

The City of Kingsland Zoning Map

 The City of Kingsland Documents & Forms

Camden County Resiliency Implementation Workplan

2023 Camden County/Kingsland/St. Mary's/Woodbine Joint Comprehensive Plan Update

A Comprehensive Plan is a document that lays out the shared vision and goals for a community. It takes input from a variety of community sources to synthesize a plan that is both agreeable and achievable in the actions and strategies proposed. This plan is updated every five years in accordance with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ (DCA) guidelines so as to reevaluate what the previous plan accomplished and what needs to be revised to build off the previous successes.  2023 Joint Comprehensive Plan Update

 St. Mary's Watershed Mapping  

St. Mary's River Management Committee with help from UGA has created an interactive map to provide information on water resources in the four counties.

Mapping Tool Opens in new windowThe St. Mary's River Watershed Website

Saint Mary's Water Way jpeg Opens in new window