Vision Statement

Provide the highest quality of life to our citizens, business owners, and visitors at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.

Mission Statement

Govern efficiently to provide public safety, quality public services, and economic opportunity in a sustainable, well-planned community providing quality of life for all with a city government that is transparent, innovative, and welcoming.


Exemplary public service is our goal.  We are strongly committed to these core values as follows:

•    Quality Community:  To promote a safe living environment while promoting and supporting our community values in education, culture, environment, and economic development in order for our citizens to experience quality growth and prosperity.

•    Leadership:  To exemplify quality and ethical political leadership representative of a united community through an open and transparent government.

•    Service Excellence:  To provide the necessary tools whereby municipal employees can excel in providing exceptional services to the community through innovative thinking and balanced growth.

•    Fiscal Integrity: To promote governmental fiscal responsibility, openness, and transparency in our operations to ensure we are accountable for our actions.

•    Sustainability:  To serve as trusted stewards of the public’s financial, environmental, social and physical resources seeking to responsibly utilize, conserve, and sustain our resources for current and future generations.